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Body Shop: Battling Acne

I don’t think I truly understood just how demoralising it can be to have your skin blemished and scarred thanks to acne, until I went through it myself, a couple of months ago.

Unlike most of my peers, I was quite blessed to not have to deal with oily skin or acne while trudging through puberty. My friends would be jealous and refused to believe that I did not do anything to ensure smooth and healthy skin. Dermatologists loved me because I or rather my skin was the dream texture; smooth, supple with no trace of zits or boils anywhere.

Fast forward a few years into adulthood and I found myself obsessing over my skin. What started out as one annoying pimple on the chin soon spread to my cheeks, neck…everywhere. Panicky, I read through articles on how to deal with acne, clenching my hands each time the urge to burst the pimples tried to win over, exhaling frustrated sighs when I’d notice that a new pimple had replaced the one that had just faded. Somehow, what hadn’t hit me during puberty, had now decided to wreck my life like a freight train.

From Ayurvedic face washes to natural home-made products, I had tried everything under the sun and failed. I reached a stage where I would wake up, with no will to get out of bed, painfully aware of how bad my skin was. Looking into a mirror was self destructive, a hard blow feeding my ever growing insecurities.

Having always been a avid customer of Body Shop, I decided to look into their products in a desperate attempt at treating what I could only conclude, was an outcome of extreme emotional and mental stress. After researching and browsing through numerous recommendations, I finally honed in on trying out Body Shop’s Tea Tree products.

Biting the inside of my cheek, I walked in to the nearest store, face bent low in an attempt to shy away from onlookers, hurriedly grabbing all the products I needed before rushing home.

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Products

The Body Shop: Tea Tree products

This was perhaps the first time I was paying attention to what I was using for my skincare routine, trying to understand what suited my skin and what didn’t. Taking it as one last attempt at caring for and treating my skin right, I dived into my new practice.

Using the Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser three times a day, I would follow it up with Tea Tree Oil. Rather than applying the oil all over my face, I stuck to dabbing it on just my acne. It would burn and leave my skin feeling red and wasn’t my favourite thing to do but obstinately, I continued. While I applied the Drops of Youth Cream during the day, I turned to the Tea Tree Night Lotion each night before hitting the bed.

Three weeks in and I started to see the first signs of change. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I continued my routine, tracking every mark and blemish. Soon though, my skin was returning to its original healthy self. Although there were still marks from before, the new zits that had appeared, had now faded, leaving behind no trace of their existence, whatsoever. The frequency of acne too had slowed down until I came to a stage where I was dealing with one and sometimes none at all.

It was a long journey reaching where I am now. The biggest lesson I learnt was to not take my skin so lightly and pay attention to it at all times. Although I have since experimented with other brands, including face masks, pore cleansers and face gels, I still religiously make use of the Tea Tree Oil and Drops of Youth Cream.

Anyone dealing with a case of acne or skin irritation, I would definitely recommend giving the products a try. They’re worth the money and do indeed have a positive effect, not just on your skin but also boost your morale and confidence!