IMG_8699 I’m Sneha, a professional socially awkward human being.

I dance to a music unheard by others and sensed by few. I am fond of midnight conversations especially while sipping on a hot cup of coffee. I like to think of myself as a realistic dreamer which is quite the oxymoron.

I love all things dragons and wolves, my skin is inked and am a voracious bibliophile. Born into a proud military heritage, amidst the many names my friends have decided for me, Wolf-Child is most common. My fingers sometimes doodle  and I call it art. I am forever dreaming of my next travel destination and my body thrums with uncontrollable energy at the slightest possibility of any kind of adventure, which is why you’ll seldom find me saying no when it comes to any and all kinds of adrenaline fuelled activities. Unsurprisingly, I wear my bruises like a  badge of honour. Keen on learning something new everyday, be it a craft or a sport, I also define the phrase ‘Live to Eat.’ Food could possibly be one of the biggest loves of my life, making itself comfortable next to my Wanderlust.

I also have a great albeit hesitant admiration for life and the many twists and turns that it gifts.

Having found comfort in writing, I thought of documenting my sometimes ticklish, sometimes fascinating experiences. I don’t want to miss out on what life has to offer and wish to capture as many moments as I can, one lens frame at a time.

Enjoy !

Also, I’m an all round goof.
Oh and I have butter fingers!
And a very weird laugh.


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