The Lover’s Dictionary

I partially read this book in 2012, I believe.

What led me to finishing this book four years later, you ask ?

A conversation…with a new friend amidst exchanging playlists and documentaries, visits to quaint coffee shops and huddled tea sessions in a kitchen that hosted more people than it could fit.

Needless to say, once this book was brought up, the desire to finish it, was insatiable and so I did.

By David Levithan, The Lover’s Dictionary, has within its pages the stories of a couple who define any and all words that could possibly be associated with love, through their memories. These memories aren’t chronological and some often get repeated with the conclusions having a change of environment, of course.

One closes the book with a childish wish to read more, a small smile flitting from time to time across the reader’s face.

Scroll down below for some of my favourite definitions from this book; some too relatable and some deserving of applause coupled with a few definitions made of my own fond memories.





Fear, adj.

To have to think that maybe, you will never give us another chance, even when the whole world is wishing you would. To have to accept, that what we had, I will never taste again. To live with knowing, I lost something, that was possibly, the best I ever had.

Growth, n.

We both stare blankly at the map of the tube, the train, with every passing moment, getting me closer to my stop. My fingers, agitatedly, tap away. The silence, too palpable between us. My eyes still hurt from the tears I shed, my salt kissed skin, stinging from time to time. I know this moment reminds you of all the others, but unlike the past events, you won’t try that hard to make amends. I gulp. I breathe deeply. Biting my lip, I look away as I place my hand on yours. You immediately entwine your fingers with mine. I smile and turn to look at you, not caring if you realised, that for the first time, I made the effort. I let go…




Memory, n.

You had just missed your train. Turning to me, a swear escaping your lips, I forced a smile before I asked for the thousandth time, ‘How do I look?’ Worry etched itself all over my face, the gravity of the situation, heavy in the air. You looked me in the eye and said, ‘You look beautiful.’ Tears welled up instantly, the familiar lump in my throat. ‘I should go’ I stammered as you simply looked at me before we simultaneously leaned forward. Your lips touched my cheek and I, helpless and scared, flung my arms around you. You started stamping the right side of my face with as many kisses as you could muster while your arms firmly held me to you. You starting walked forwards urging me in turn, to walk backwards. When you let go, we were on my platform. Your hand, still on the small of my back, gave a gentle push. I breathed and entered the train that had just arrived. You smiled and walked back, waiting for yours.






And last but not the least,


I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did, should you get your hands on it. It makes for a delightful read, I promise.

Till then, my lovely Mavericks…


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