Sand In My Toes

With 2014 coming to a close, my friends and I, huddling together to fend off the biting London cold, decided on a summer trip. With one too many demands about what we wanted to experience during this vacation, we decided on Greece, the land of delicious food, sun and sand.

Tickets booked, plans made, all that was needed was the date of departure and soon that too happened.

Funnily enough, none of us booked our tickets for the same date or place.

Ian and Sarah booked their tickets to Athens and from there, a boat to Ierapetra. Dipa would join them and Mary (our lovely host) in Ierapetra and they would finally be joined by Tony and me, two days later.

Unfortunately, this meant, the entire group would spend only one day together because Ian would be leaving the next day for his Euro tour. So we decided on making the most of the one day we had to spend together.

After a LONG 11 hour journey ( 4 hours of flying, 4 hours of chilling at the airport and 3 hours of travelling via bus), Tony and I finally arrived at Ierapetra, tired and sweaty.

The first and only sunrise I witnessed in Greece thanks to a four hour early morning wait at the airport.

Soon enough Dipa and Mary had come to pick us up. We entered Mary’s lovely summer house only to be welcomed by a snoozing Ian, wrapped in bed sheets. I put an end to his deep slumber right away by placing my ice cold cherry flavoured slush on his bare chest. He was displeased to say the least.

Despite it being almost mid afternoon, everyone excepting Mary and Dipa were still sleeping. They woke up (thankfully) once we arrived and we headed out to brunch since all of us were extremely hungry. Mary being not just our host but food guide and translator extraordinaire, led us to a cafe called Aperitton where I got to munch on some of the most delicious savoury crepes ever.

Also, the portions served were GIGANTIC.

From left to right; Tony, Dipa, Mary, Kate, Ian and Sarah.

Once we had satiated our tummies, we headed back to our house to slather ourselves in sun screen before we headed to the beach.

After a breezy hour’s ride, we had arrived at our destination, although I was sweating bullets by the time we reached, not because of the heat but because there was a wasp chilling next to me the entire ride there and had I mentioned it, Dipa, one of the two designated drivers, would have screamed our ears off in fear and then driven us off the cliff or something.

I know, I know… my heroic act saved us all. Guys, you can thank me later. Sooner than later though okay ?

The beach Mary had brought us to was called Blue River simply because the sea was joined by a frigid cold river from the side.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The entrance to Blue River.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The ice cold river joining the sea.

We found ourselves a few beach beds and having dropped off our bags and sun hats, we were stripping ourselves of our clothes, running for the clear blue sea.

I have always known I was a water baby and my soul jumped in happiness the minute my feet touched the water.

Pure love for this.

While Sarah, Mary and I swam as far out into the sea as we could, Ian and Tony decided to sun bathe while Dipa decided to first practice her swimming skills in the two swimming pools placed close to the beach. After an hour, she too joined us and we spent most of the afternoon, coaxing her to swim further into the sea. Dipa being Dipa refused to budge if her feet didn’t touch the sea bed.

After we had convinced Ian to go for at least one dip in the sea, I decided to be a human totem pole. This was extreme fun right until Ian decided to fall backwards and dunk me in the water. I knew something was up and was holding onto his head, thinking he would fail if he tried to throw me off, but it never struck me that he would just fall backwards and dunk us both.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Being a human totem pole.

Dipa, not the best with a camera, actually captured this hilarious incident and took a brilliant photograph of Ian and me, where the only things visible are our feet and a lot of froth. I shall refrain from uploading that picture though.

We then decided to clean up and head out for dinner but not before Sarah and I had a picture taken in the pretty alcove next to the river. This meant me wading through the ice cold water which was not fun but oh well !

My moonstone and I.

Before we left, we decided on a group picture because why not ?!

Dipa then drove us to a beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea and the historic Leper Island where Greeks suffering from leprosy were shipped off, called Spinalonga where we were treated to delicious sea food and fresh salads. Yet again, the portions were gigantic and I realised I would have to get used to this generous act of the Greeks with no complaints.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Spinalonga Cafe.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The Leper Island

Sarah took over the driving on our way back and I… well I dozed off. This would not have been an issue had I not claimed my ability to go without sleep a few minutes before my eyes decided to glue themselves together. I was teased about this the rest of the night although in my defence, I had way too much Raki (Greek alcohol) in my system.

Once we reached home, we showered and dressed up, to own the night.

Basically, we had one too many bottles of Raki and food. We looked amazing while we did that though.

Soon enough, it was time to hit the bed since Ian would have to leave early morning the next day and Tony and I were exhausted from our long arduous journey.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Greece post with more beach stories and more food Mavericks !

Signing off with a picture of my adorable goofballs.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

From left to right: Ian, Sarah, me, Mary, Dipa and Tony


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