Jusqu’à la Prochaine Fois…

Last I wrote of Paris, my friend and I were headed to the Eiffel Tower, having already had one too many moments of getting lost. Check out all that went down, here.

With rain blurring my vision and seeping through my clothes, I was desperately wishing I could apparate in front of the Tower. This desire of mine intensified when I realised that my ‘tour guide’ friend actually had no idea as to which direction we should head towards to actually glimpse it.

There came a point during our long walk to the Eiffel Tower when I wondered if we were walking round in circles, cause I could have sworn I had seen this cafe at least twice in the same day. Turns out, I was confusing my walk from the previous day with this one. Oh well…

My genius friend decided on a brilliant (sense heavy sarcasm) technique to get us to the tower. This idea involved us following in the direction in which we could catch sight of the tip of the Tower.

Grudgingly, I must accept, it worked.

Furiously, I will state, it took two hours.

It didn’t help that my friend refused to ask locals for directions, (the size of my friend’s pride = size of a humpback whale) and insisted I take pictures of every map we stumbled across. During this time, chill blains got the better of me and I was doing a weird mix of shivering and itching my skin off, all at the same time. What joy !

As we neared the Tower, we came across a huge institution with a dome of gold. I would tell you the name of this institution or why it seemed important, but I am oblivious as was my friend who mumbled a few guesses, none of which fit.

If any on you readers recognise this place, please do tell me. It would be so nice to finally be able to put a name to it instead of calling it golden domed building. We also walked past the building famous for training the French cavalry. Being a military brat myself, I was quite excited.

Finally though, after too many winding roads and slipping in and out of alleys, I finally came across the Eiffel Tower and what a relief it was.

After witnessing a newly married couple have their wedding photoshoot take place at the foot of the Tower, we decided to go warm our bodies with some hot chocolate. While we were on the look out for a small cafe, our stomachs started to grumble a tad bit too loudly and so we gave up and just walked into the first cafe we came across called La Piccolina.

The owner upon seeing our drenched state, especially mine, immediately took our orders and ensured I had a cup of warm hot chocolate nestled in my hands. We handed in our orders and were soon feasting on a hot meal of Four Cheese Pizza and Pasta cooked in Tomato Sauce and Basil. Both the dishes were extremely tasty, I must say.

Our bellies full, we headed home, wishing quite eagerly to get out of the wet clothes.

And that my dear Mavericks brings my Paris travel to an end.

As I mentioned before, due to some personal reasons, I had to cut the trip short or else there would have definitely been more chapters to this travelogue. Yes, the entire trip was bittersweet and although the trip ended on a more bitter than sweet note, I know deep in my heart, I can’t stay mad with Paris for long.

After all, it is Paris.

I will return one day to make up for this trip and to create more memories.

Till then Paris and until next time Mavericks…


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