Chomping on Kati Rolls

Remember the innumerable times I have mentioned how difficult it is to get into Dishoom since they don’t take reservations? Well, back in the day, I once enticed Ian and Sarah to accompany me on one more (failed) attempt to get into Dishoom.

It didn’t end well.

We were told we’d have to wait for at least two more hours and all three of us were extremely hungry.

Disappointed and cranky, we started looking for alternative places to go try out. Luckily enough, I was reminded of the Kati Roll Co. which was quite close to where we were. Excited we headed there and thank God we did, for the food was delicious and the price was extremely affordable, made even more so thanks to a student discount !

We walked into a small cafe, the brick walls flooded all over with old vintage Bollywood movie posters. Massive bulbs hung from the ceiling and small tables were placed all round seated at which were mostly people of our age, enjoying a quick bite and laughter filled conversations.

Having ordered, the three of us sat down, Ian with a cold beer and Sarah and I sipping on bottles of Mango Lassi.

Within five to ten minutes, our food had been served and we were unwrapping our steaming hot Kati Rolls. While Ian and Sarah had ordered two of each, I was happy with one. I quite prefer the menu the cafe had to provide. With ten to twelve options, one doesn’t have to lose much sweat over deciding which treat to go for.

On my recommendation, Ian and Sarah ordered two Chicken Anda Kati Rolls which basically means a flatbread cooked in egg stuffed with chicken, onions, different sauces, tomatoes, cucumbers and a few other vegetables. Besides that, they ordered two Chicken Tikka Kati Rolls which was flatbread stuffed with grilled chicken and other ingredients similar to the Chicken Anda Kati Roll. I chose the Chicken Anda Kati Roll as well, since it was always my preferred choice back home and I wasn’t planning on switching to a different option anytime soon.

Happy Face 1.

Happy Face 2.

Since both the Americans were taller than me (yup, thats the excuse I am going with) they finished their food faster than me, which was good in a way cause while they started butting heads immediately after, disagreeing on some random topic, I was peacefully and without interruption, enjoying my meal. Devilish… I know !

All in all, despite having to walk away (AGAIN) from Dishoom, we stumbled across something equally yummy, so no complaints whatsoever.

If you’re ever in the mood for a quick yet filling bit, head to Kati Roll Co. and if you’re a student, don’t forget to ask for your discount !!

Till then Mavericks…


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