High Tea With My Girls

Having grown up reading Enid Blyton, I would always dream of one day going off on some adventure with my closest friends and coming across a beautiful farm with a warm host who would treat my friends and me to freshly baked scones and jam, tea and sandwiches.

Time passed, I grew up, the dream changed somewhat but the hope never really withered.

Having lived in London for almost eight months, it was atrocious on my part that I hadn’t yet experienced or indulged in the British High Tea. Not long after my friends stumbled across this revelation did I find myself seated in the cozy interiors of Patisserie Valerie, waiting to enjoy what was in store.

Patisserie Valerie

To begin with, my girls and I were served tea with milk on the side. We all poured ourselves a cup and sipped on it at a leisurely pace. The tea thankfully wasn’t too strong seeing as I’m not the biggest fan of it. (Team Coffee all the way !)

Before long, we were on our second cup, enjoying the conversation and the mellow music that surrounded us.

Tea time !

Our table was then cleared away and the tea was replaced with two silver serving trays. The bottom tray was laden with a variety of sandwiches, the middle tray had scones with clotted cream, raspberry and blueberry jam on the side and the top tray had a variety of desserts for us to choose from.

Delicious is the word.

While Dipa and Mary decided to split the delicacies among themselves from one of the trays, Esperanza and I decided on the same with the other one.

We started with the scones that were delectable to say the least. With a good smearing of either of the jams or the clotted cream and my oh my wasn’t I in heaven. Despite the fact that the scones were quite heavy, it didn’t stop up from stuffing our faces with the sandwiches next. There were two cheese and tomato quiches as well which almost melted in the mouth.

Plain and Blueberry Scones

There were two of each sandwich so no one lost out on tasting any of them. There were simple cheese and lettuce, tomato, salmon, chicken and ham sandwiches and before anyone knew it, they were over. Since we enjoyed them so much, we asked for another round and cleaned them up as quickly as we did before, if not faster !

The delicious sandwiches !

By this point, we barely had any space in our bellies for more but greed got the better of us. The desserts were almost calling out to us and we beckoned to their call without hesitation. The desserts ranged from two chocolate eclairs, a vanilla muffin to a caramel biscuit, a chocolate pastry and a raspberry pastry. Since there was only one of each except the eclairs, we divided all of them in half. Even for a massive sweet tooth like me, the desserts turned out to be way too much to handle and had to be munched on really slowly. We enjoyed all of them except the chocolate cake which just didn’t do it for us, but hey, no complaints about the rest.

The desserts.

After having dabbed at our lips with napkins one last time, we just settled down, no food on the table, trying not to move. For my first experience, it couldn’t have gone any better and I could finally put to rest the dream I had imagined, having turned countless pages as a child lost in the world built of Enid Blyton’s words.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time Mavericks…Keep dreaming.

My girls and I; Esperanza, Dipa, Mary and Me.


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