Boardwalk Fun

If you’re a fanatic of T.V shows like I am, you must have watched many a episodes where characters find themselves taking in the sun, munching on barbecued food and enjoying a carnival of sorts. Of course you might have experienced this in real life, one too many times, but me ? Never. I used to experience this vicariously through fictional characters…

Until now or well a few weeks ago.

The committee overlooking all the Inter-Collegiate Halls planned a boardwalk for all its residents where there would be fun games, a lot of food, carnival rides and all round merriment for all the students who had just finished submitting their essays and exams.

Up and early on a very sunny Sunday, my friends and I headed out, a jig in our steps, tickets placed safely in our bags, towards the boardwalk.

We reached the park, welcomed by crowds of students from all the different halls with cheers and conversations buzzing all around us. After getting stamped with a beautiful rose on our wrists and pseudo fedoras decorated with the american flag placed precariously on our heads, we headed in to join in on all the revelries.

We decided to head to the tiny stalls where mini games were being held. We began by trying our hand at shooting ducks. Edip faired the best out of all us by shooting two ducks down (We are now a little more assured about the fact that Edip has a fair shot at surviving in the army if he is forced to enlist) Unfortunately we didn’t win anything since we needed to get three. I was too busy enjoying and completely forgot to take pictures and remembered later, that I was being weighed down by my camera and should put it to good use.

We then tried our hand at hitting the hammer and seeing how far up the bar would go. After one too many failed attempts, Edip succeeded at scoring an 80 which was the closest anyone got to. He definitely had better luck than Thomas who broke the hammer three times as he tried to beat on the nail/pallet/gong (?!)

Edip I now consider you fairly strong despite your feminine hands !

Esperanza succeeded at scoring us some candy by fishing out ducks which had stars glued to the bottom, something we chewed on leisurely later on.

I must apologise in advice for the abysmal photography. For one, I had my shades on and didn’t realise how very out of focus my camera was. Secondly, I was so worried about the battery life of my camera which was close to dying that I was hurriedly taking pictures rather than concentrating and ensuring they came out well.

Here’s a moderately blurry picture of Edip, Esperanza and Mary just before the fire dancer came on.

The fire dancer came on then and amassed quite a crowd with his antics. From doing acrobats to swallowing globules of fire, he had his audience mesmerised. The tribal music to which he danced had us all swaying and cheering louder than we otherwise would have.

Minutes after I took this picture, my camera died and we had to make do with selfies. Something’s better than nothing I guess !

Hearing our stomachs grumble, we decided to grab ourselves our food. Thankfully, the queue which seemed extremely long moved at quite a fast pace and soon enough we were seated comfortably munching on a variety of food ranging from hotdogs, burgers, tacos to nachos, crisps and fried onions. We were served ice cream as well which went down quite well with the tequila and long island iced teas.

Mary was too busy gnawing on her burger to be bothered to be a part of this picture.

By this time, the child in me was getting quite impatient and very dearly wanted to get face painted. Despite the fact that the queue for face painting had been cut off, my adamance or determination as I would like to think of it, won, and I successfully had my face temporarily tattooed. It was with a very heavy heart that I washed it off the next day.

Here’s a selfie of me with aqua patterns adorning my face.

A very gleeful Edip photobombed me as Esperanza took a picture of my painted face for my mother.

While Mary attempted her hand at shooting ducks once more, Esperanza, Edip and I sneakily took another picture before we headed off to try and get a ride in the ferris wheel. Mary got lucky the second time round cause she was later seen proudly showing off her blue stuffed unicorn whom she christened Stardust.

From right to left; Esperanza, Edip and yours truly.

Luck wasn’t on our side since we reached the ferris wheel too late. Despite Edip’s belief that we would get on, we didn’t. We left only when Edip saw for himself the ferris wheel being dismantled and had to accept the sad truth that we would not be enjoying the ride.

Not wanting to head back to the hall, we decided to head to wander around some more, despite the boardwalk having closed and spend some quality time.

Edip, me, Mary, Aakash and Esperanza post the boardwalk.

Mary headed off to complete her assignment while Edip, Aakash, Esperanza and me headed to Marlborough Arms where we would meet Görkem, Edip’s girlfriend.

While Edip and Aakash enjoyed the football match being screened in the bar, Esperanza and I had our own fun clicking a bunch of selfies to preserve our moments in the bar.

Joy Joy and me !

We were soon joined by Görkem, following which Edip found himself downing one too many glasses of gin and tonic. Görkem ordered a plate of crisps and I decided on treating myself to Mushrooms served with Garlic Ciabatta. What a divine dish it was !

When it was nearly eleven at night, we decided to head home, still laughing over conversations of Edip’s excessive supply of hamsters and pranks played while we were at the bar.

All in all, the boardwalk and time spent at the bar was extremely fun, especially since the weather had decided to be nice. I finally got to enjoy and experience a pseudo sunny carnivalesque barbecue and couldn’t be more happier.

I really wish I could do it all over again.

Edip, Aakash, Görkem, Esperanza and me at Marlborough Arms.

Till then Mavericks…


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