Get Those Chopsticks Ready

If there’s one cuisine besides Indian that I don’t get tired of eating, ever, is Chinese. I have loved chomping on their divine dishes since I was a kid. As I grew older, I started trying my hand at eating the food with chopsticks. The attempts usually involved one chopstick flying across the room or the food dropping back on the plate before it was anywhere close to my mouth.

Good times…

Having arrived in London, I haven’t stuffed myself with food from Subway, kFC, Pizza Hut which is surprising. What is even more shocking is that I didn’t go hunt down the nearest Chinese restaurant the minute I landed on British soil. Even after I found a restaurant five minutes away, I did not head down there. I was starting to question the immense power my laziness had over me and trust me when I say this, I was worried.

When my college friend Swetank and I decided to celebrate his return from Paris with food, I was left with the challenging task of choosing a cuisine and finding a restaurant that served the cuisine. After surfing through countless Buzzfeed articles about food joints in London and overusing the Zomato application on my phone till it didn’t crash, I finally decided upon a restaurant in Chinatown called Leong’s Legend Continues. Having found each other amidst the jostling crown near Leicester Square, Swetank and I trudged towards the restaurant trying really hard not to shiver in the cold.

Well, at least I was.

The entire street was decorated with lanterns as Chinese New Year was being celebrated and luckily, we got to witness the Dragon Dance as I like to call it, just before entering the restaurant.

There’s a small video of the dragon dance on my Instagram feed if you readers would like to watch it. My Instagram is @snehasarcar. Check it out, it was so amazing !

Having witnessed the celebration, we walked into the restaurant only to find ourselves in a queue. Thankfully, we were seated within minutes, on the second floor of the restaurant. The decor was simple with lanterns lighting up the entire room. We were handed menus by our server who was extremely sweet and efficient throughout our time there.

Meet Swetank. I force him to smile for my pictures.

I had been craving dumplings for the longest time ever and Buzzfeed had featured Leong’s Legend Continues in an article titled 17 Delicious Dishes Every Londoner Should Try which you can read here. Putting my faith in the article, I ordered the Xiao Long Bao which were dumplings stuffed with pork in soup. They were so delicious, I can’t even find the words to express how very divine they were. Unfortunately (fortunately for me) Swetank is a vegetarian so he couldn’t try them. More for me. Yeah ! So while I tried to correctly grab and lift the dumplings with my chopsticks that refused to stay steady, Swetank enjoyed a chilled beer.

Look at these morsels of sheer perfection.

We then took a long look at the menu and only came to a decision after the server had swung by our table two-three times. I decided on having the Stir Fried Sea Noodles since I felt quite full already having gorged on all the dumplings by myself. Swetank decided on a plate of Vegetarian Noodles and Aubergine with Mashed Garlic in Tao Pan Sauce as a side dish.

Stir Fried Sea Noodles.

Vegetarian Noodles.

Aubergine with Mashed Garlic in Tao Pan Sauce.

Since the portions of the main dishes were so much, neither of us could finish our meals. By the end of it, both of us were reclining in our chairs trying not to move cause we were so stuffed. Despite not being able to take another morsel, I felt quite sad when our plates were cleared away.

I walked out of the restaurant, the happiest person on the planet. I finally had Chinese cuisine in my belly after having lived in London for six months. Leona’s Legend Continues definitely gets my tick of approval for its cosy decor and delicious food. I wouldn’t mind taking another trip to this restaurant. If not for anything else, for the Xiao Log Bao at least !

Have fun Mavericks !!
With love,


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