I’m not the easiest kid on the planet. My parents have had quite a few struggles trying to straighten me out, to make sure I don’t stray and that at the end of the day, I am a good human being. During the years I was growing up, I was often reprimanded for not obeying, for not listening and for rebelling. I remember very well the innumerable times I was called disobedient and how guilty I felt every time I heard it escape my parents lips.

So when I found myself entering the ‘Disobedient Objects’ display at Victoria and Albert Museum, I didn’t know what to expect and couldn’t have fathomed how much of an impact this display would have on me. Never did I imagine that the word Disobedience could carry such a powerful message and that it could indeed be anything but a rebuke. It could be the start of a revolution, it could be what got the masses to stand up and raise their voices and that being disobedient could maybe help change the world. I never thought I would say this, but there are times when being disobedient is the most courageous thing you can do and when you decide to disobey, you should be proud, because you have made the first dent that will ultimately lead to the crumbling of the old and the construction of the new.

Artwork on the walls outside the ‘Disobedient Objects’ display.

The ‘Disobedient Objects’ display houses powerful messages, posters, movements and videos all of which broadcast the act of disobedience and how it kickstarted change or paved the way for revolutions to begin. All around, one can witness the beginning of change, how one person’s decision to disagree and disobey has to led to such powerful movements and how simple words and phrases can make your hair stand on end. I could feel the room reverberate with power and the sheer force it housed by displaying the acts of disobedience and the messages they delivered.
Here are some of my favourites. Maybe they’ll stir something inside you just as they did inside me.

I Wish My Boyfriend Was As Dirty As Your Policies.

Capitalism is Crisis.

The Tikki Love Truck.

Fuck Off Back To Eton.

Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum ? Less than 4% of the artists in the Modern Art sections are women, but 76% of the nudes are female.

Badges against Apartheid.

Gaybashers…Come and Get It.

I left the display feeling a surge of power and a whirlwind of emotions. I understood that every action of ours does indeed have consequences and that one thought, one doubt, one question can make the tables turn, can make people pause in their tracks and can influence generations to come.

Words have power, every single one of them. When these words take on the shape of actions, this power intensifies and there comes a point when the sheer immensity and force of it rocks the world.

Just before I left, I saw this message in the shadows of one of the walls. As I write this, there might be someone out there struggling against the restraints of society or standing up against something that is tying them down. With every breath taken, change is occurring, be it small or big.

Are you ready to disobey when the time is right and when you have to fight for what you believe in ?

It is only fitting that I leave this picture as I sign off. Until then…


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