Winter Wonderland

I know this comes very late, but having been bogged down by essays, deadlines and the usual procrastination, I couldn’t find the time to pen down my experience at Winter Wonderland. Almost a month and a half later and here it is. Do excuse the delay.

Having crossed the beautifully lit place one too many times on my way to college, my friends and I finally decided on a date when we were all free and could go and enjoy all that Winter Wonderland had to offer.

Upon entering, my senses were overpowered by the smell of food wafting around, the innumerable joy rides and the people on it screaming in joy or terror and the brightly lit arena itself. With a goofy smile on my face, my friends set out to explore it.
Since my friends weren’t the most excited humans when it came to rides including the Ferris Wheel, we opted for strolling around and window shopping so to speak.

We came across numerous candy shops and each time, I found myself gaping at the assortment of candy on display until one of my friends realised I wasn’t walking alongside them and had to come drag me away. My sweet tooth was practically wailing, but since I had already decided on what I wanted to gorge on, I had to walk away. I was honestly quite impressed with my will power. Can’t say the same for my uncontrollable drooling though.

While my friends shopped for trinkets, I wondered around by myself and stumbled across some adorable sights. Some had me reminiscing about my favourite childhood stories, while others had me feeling all warm and tingly inside.

Santa Claus is coming to town !

The Nutcracker !

Angels adorning one of the Christmas trees on display.

We then headed down the lane that was surrounded on both sides by eating joints. Ranging from ales to waffles, there was no scarcity when it came to the variety.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Found this fella trying to sell us some beer.

While Esperanza went for Nutella crepes, Esra and I decided to treat ourselves to massive chicken burgers that were too big for my mouth, stuffed with cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, mozzarella, ketchup and a whole bunch of other ingredients that I can’t remember but my tummy does, since it started grumbling the moment I started describing it. We decided to sit down next to one of the most beautiful Christmas trees I’ve set eyes on. It was huge and decorated in nothing but silver. Seated next to it, conversations flowing, my soul was happy.

Such a beauty.

We then decided to head back since it was getting late and we had dinner plans. On our way back, we encountered the Spooky House that was being guarded by some very interesting creatures.

With the children’s shrieks in the background, our tour of the entertainment park almost finished, we came across the Ice Land. A bit too chilly for my taste, we hastened forward, but before that I couldn’t help but capture these adorable snow beings.

Nearing the end, I came across a carousel and couldn’t help but spend a few moments gazing at it. Carousel’s for me are the biggest reminders of childhood and they always get me smiling. The lights, the massive smiles on children’s faces, the soft tune that plays as it goes around, all of it fills me with a kind of peace that isn’t quite easy to explain. It provides me with a comfort that I never realise I seek until I feel it flooding me.

I left Winter Wonderland, an excited 21 year old who felt like she had gone back in time. I love amusement and theme parks and to experience this, brought back a lot of happy memories for me. The wonderful company, delicious food and the all round merriment and anticipation for Christmas made this trip all the more joyous. As we headed out of Winter Wonderland, these were my last views of it.

All of you who have had the pleasure of visiting it, I hope you had a great time and for those who couldn’t or decided not to, there’s aways next time !


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