Bibliophiles, Are You Ready ?

Despite the fact that I am pursuing my Masters in English Literature, I don’t get much time to read for leisure during the semesters. This hurts and effects me quite a bit since I can not imagine my life without books and knowing well enough that I have not picked up a book and sat down to read it other than for academic reasons, stings.
So, you can well imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this Book Reading Challenge while surfing the internet.


Any one who knows anything about me, knows how much I love a challenge. It serves the competitive trait in me and also gives me the chance to test myself. Through this challenge, I not only get the chance to maybe read fifty books in this year but also get to expand my genre of reading. A perk to this challenge is that if one doesn’t wish to read 50 books, one can try an choose a book that fits more than one criteria.

I personally can’t wait to start this challenge. I already have a few books on my shelf that demand my attention and with the current London weather, I can’t wait to snuggle down with a warm, frothy cup of coffee and a wonderful book.

I can barely contain my excitement and the urge to drop everything and start reading right away.

I would love to know if anyone is interested in this challenge. If you are, keep me posted about which book you are reading based on which criteria. This way, I get to expand my reading list and you yours !
Till then, cheers !



  1. Hmm..this is an interesting challenge……..I would like to give it try!…this year….I am also pursuing Hindustan Times’ Brunch Book Challenge 2015….let us…if I am able to finish both these challenges..;) :)

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