Trip to Mimo’s

Having missed breakfast one too many times when I first arrived in London, a friend of mine took pity on me and introduced me to a cafe situated quite close to where I reside. I headed to this place with her one day and haven’t stopped visiting it ever since. Mimo’s cafe with its wonderful, warm and welcoming hosts offers a quaint ambience and absolutely delicious food. I first munched on their sandwiches which were so heavy and sinfully divine, I had to keep going back for more.
Despite the fact that I had been gorging on their sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past four months, I had never quite gotten around to trying out the wide variety of Pasta’s they served. I had promised myself I would one day but that day would always get postponed for another time.

My boyfriend and I decided on a dinner date, seated in different countries and after much planning, headed out there the minute he came back from his trip to his hometown. I could’t help but do a little jig knowing I was going try out their main dishes. If their sandwiches were anything to go by, I knew the Pastas would be lip smacking as well. Boy was I right about it.
The minute we walked in, we were seated in a quiet corner of the restaurant and handed the menus.

After what seemed like ages, we gave our orders, having gone through the menu a gazillion times. There was just so much to choose from. While my boyfriend decided on the Tagliatelle Pesto and Chicken which was Pasta served with Chicken, Mushroom and Peppers in Pesto Sauce, I chose the Tortellini Funghi which was Stuffed Pasta with Mushroom and Cream. Within five to ten minutes of us ordering, the food had been served. Without further ado, he and I dove in and I think both of us died and went to food heaven. It was absolutely delectable.

Tortellini Funghi

Tagliatelle Pesto and Chicken

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
The portions were quite large and words fail me when I try to describe how absolutely exquisite the food tasted. Since the portions were so big, I couldn’t finish my dish and so my little food monkey helped clean up my plate without any complaints. Once we had finished gorging on our food, we just sat there with the biggest smiles on our faces, our tummies and food loving souls, absolutely satiated.

I can’t wait to go back for another round of their Pastas. My boyfriend and I have already decided on our next dinner date and have even pre-planned what we’re going to order.

I am even more in love with Mimo’s and the food they offer if its possible. I simply can’t get enough of them !!


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