After having decided on visiting Shoreditch ages ago, my absolutely gorgeous friend Sarah and I finally made a plan to head there and stroll around. My fingers had been itching to capture the street art there and Sarah wished to waltz around the vintage stores that we had heard about.
Despite sleeping extremely late and having a pseudo hangover, Sarah and I were out and about on the cold Saturday morning. Once we landed in Shoreditch, we had absolutely no idea where to head. Between discussing what we intended to do and fiddling around on Google Maps, we stumbled across the first of many brilliant street art pieces and graffiti.

Chapel not Chanel

Influenced By Russell Brand.

We rounded the alleyway we were walking through to find walls upon walls graffitied. Unfortunately there was a fence that locked us out and despite my best efforts, I wasn’t able to capture much.

By this time, we had come across quite a few vintage stores. Being the absolutely horrible shopping partner that I am, I simply sat whenever and wherever I could, while Sarah found gorgeous clothes that she absolutely nailed when she tried them on. The perks of walking in and out of these stores was that we would find ourselves in new alleyways and streets each time which meant more opportunities to capture the creativity of the people of London.

After a long search, I finally found this building. Since I saw it on Google Images, I had been planning on finding this place. Oh the joy when I came across it.

I swear to God I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided to do this.

Look at this absolutely beautiful angel.

Look at this absolutely beautiful angel.

It was evening when we decided to find ourselves a quick bite. Deciding on chocolate, we found ourselves in front of London’s very own Love Lock Fence.

As we went through the multitude of locks attached to the fence, we noticed a small break in the fence which meant someone had decided to take their lock out. Somehow in that moment, my heart yearned to reach out and comfort that person who did it. After a few moments of moping around, we turned around to find this absolutely breathtaking wall painting.

This was followed by more visually appealing creations.

It was late evening when we finally came across Blitz, the ultimate vintage shop. With amazing music and a lovely customer service, Sarah and I spent our time finding clothes and accessories that we preferred. I ended up buying three novels at a very cheap cost and Sarah after mulling about it, decided not to go for the jeans she had picked. Anyone planning on visiting this store, make sure you ask for a student discount if you are one. By the time we left, darkness had settled and we decided it was time to head home. Unfortunately, we had no idea where to head because of the many twists and turns we had taken. This in a way was beneficial because we came across some amazing art that had very strong messages.

‘What you believe doesn’t have to be true.’

Don't shoot. With the nike logo, 'Just don't do it.'

Don’t shoot.
With the nike logo, ‘Don’t do it.’

As Sarah and I wondered around looking for the right bus stop, the cold had gotten to us. With our hands jammed into the pockets of our jackets, we hurriedly headed towards the bus that would take us back home. It was because of the cold that I didn’t find it in me to take my camera out of the bag and click the street art that I came across. I used my phone instead. Do excuse the difference in resolution and clarity.

All in all, I had a lovely day made all the more enjoyable thanks to Sarah who is not just a dear dear friend but also one of my favourite muses with her ever giving heart and brilliantly photogenic face.



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