A Slice of Happiness

I believe it is a marvellous feat on my part that I have now spent more than a month and a half in London and yet haven’t walked into every single restaurant that has made me drool without any conscious regard about the presence or lack of money in my wallet. This does not include a small detour my friends and I had during our time in Leicester Square though when we decided to savour everyone’s favourite : Pizza from Pizza Express. DSC_0493 After squabbling amongst each other for what seemed like hours to my tummy, we finally decided to walk into this chain food restaurant. Upon entering, we were instantly seated in a cosy corner from where we could not only observe the streets but also enjoy the atmosphere of the eatery. DSC_0483   DSC_0485 While we waited for our glasses to filled with, well water (What do you expect foreign college students to order ?) we glanced through the menu cards placed in front of us. DSC_0478   After going back and forth about what and how much we should order, we finally decided upon two pizzas of two different types. The first one that got served to us was the Pomodoro Pesto which was a Romana Pizza. It had marinated santos tomatoes, fresh basil, pesto, baby mozzarella and garlic oil. Just as we were finishing up with it, we got served the second one, a Calzone Pizza which was a Margherita which as we all know is tomato with loads of mozzarella.

Both the pizzas were extremely delicious but we all preferred the Margherita a tad bit more than the Pomodoro Pesto. Although the garlic oil in the Pomodoro Pesto was the ultimate kick in flavour, the tomatoes for me made it less favourable. Both of them though were absolutely delicious in their own ways. DSC_0487 DSC_0491 Besides the fact that we were all really very hungry, my friends didn’t have quite as much patience as I did when it came to photographing the food, because of which they’re not as ‘tasteful’ (excuse the pun) as I’d like them. I’ll have to try and convince them otherwise next time. Once we had our appetites satiated, the waitress came with the bill and that’s when our embarrassment kicked in. From constantly splitting the bill and calculating how much each person had to pay to actually shelling out the money, we spent a good twenty odd minutes. When we finally had the exact amount, it was with a lot of awkward and sheepish glances that we paid, for the amount was in coins and no notes. As the waitress carried off the bill, I could hear the coins jingling and knew that it would be a nightmare for the cashier to calculate it. When we left, it was with our tummies extremely happy and big grins plastered on our face. I was quite certain I wouldn’t be able to have another bite for the next few hours and thought it was the same case with the others. I was wrong. Meenakshi and Nupur then decided on chomping some more and headed to the nearest Mc Donalds which is a whole other story.

One that you might hear about soon. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. Till then…


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