Gothic Experiences…

Recently, after much insistence on my part, my friends and I decided to head to Camden. I had seen quite a few video blogs regarding it and wished quite desperately to experience it personally.
From the moment we got off the bus, I was all giddy steps and excited gasps. We began by heading off to the small stalls that were selling a wide range of clothes with captions that one could relate to and share a laugh over to stereotyped ’emo’ attires. Although the sellers were willing to bargain and sell them at reasonable rates, our unplanned trip and budget had us walking away with plans to come back again and raid the stores.
We then headed off to Camden Lock where we fell short of words seeing the outrageous at the same time very intricate artwork representing the stores or eating joints.




Strolling in and out of stores, each one of us with an agenda (Meenakshi looking for wrist bands, Nupur searching for gifts for friends and family, Kriti hunting down pretty little dainty accessories and me, the perfect pair of boots) we had built up quite an appetite. Embarrassingly enough, a few bystanders did hear our stomachs grumble which hastened our desire to stuff ourselves with food.
On our way to Camden Lock Village Market, we got to witness the sun setting over the small lake that was silently flowing under the bridge that we were crossing. It looked picturesque, almost like a small portion of Venice (My idea of Venice rather) had been brought to this dark yet colourfully decorated village.




With narrow cobbled streets winding downwards and buskers entertaining crowds, we weaved in and out of street food stalls looking for something that would satiate all of our taste buds and at the same time trying desperately to shrug off the cold that had stealthily slipped into our bones. That did not stop us from taking a group picture though. Oh narcissism how we hate to love you !

Hello random photobomber.

Hey Mum Dad, look I’m alive and kicking, hale and hearty.

We finally decided on a Chinese food stall.The man behind the counter was quite the enthusiastic lad (British enough ?) and his happy spirit was infectious enough for us to give it a go. The great thing was that we could munch on whatever we wanted and as much of it as we wanted for just three pounds. While I munched on Bean Sprout Fried Noodles with Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Meenakshi chose to treat herself to Fried Noodles with Sweet and Sour Satay Chicken.

DSC_0623Nupur bailed on the gorging and Kriti opted for quite a large slice of Jalapeño Pizza. To give us company was a gigantic statue of an African warrior.

By the time we were belly full, it was well into the evening and darkness had started to settle, so we decided to head back home. On our way back though, fairy lights had been lit and the pseudo neon lights adorned the town in hues of pink, blue and green. We couldn’t help but stopover every few minutes to squeal over some store or the other that otherwise looked quite morbid but had now transformed into some pretty little cafe or shop.



As we were exiting the village, we stumbled across some crazy street art. Some of it we found while we were walking on the footpath, some on vehicles and quite a few on garbage cans and garages. People’s talent and imagination never fails to amaze me.




Camden is the kind of place that takes time and energy to enjoy and visit. I intend to go back again with a much better itinerary and also much earlier in the day so that I not only get to enjoy the market but also get to cherish the revelries in the evening time. Anyone contemplating about visiting this place, I would urge you to go for sure. Its a sight to be seen !


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