Celebrating a Thousand Years

A few days back, I accompanied my friends to Borough Market. While they couldn’t quite hide their excitement I was very lost.
I didn’t know what Borough Market was. All I knew was there was food. That settled it for me.

The first thing that greeted us was the very brightly coloured entrance. Wonder why there are multi coloured footprints ?

Keep reading and you’ll find out !


Surrounded by people and awnings in hues of red and yellow, shop keepers yelling out to the crowds and food everywhere, my senses were overpowered. Standing right in the middle, my friends and I were confused as to where to begin and how to go about. In unison, we headed towards the dairy stalls and we took it from there. Enthusiastically, my friend and I tried out the cheese samplings being handed out only to spit it out. It was horrible. The next sample we tried didn’t do us much good either. It was white bread dipped in truffle oil which to me was no different in flavour from sesame oil. We then and there decided to be a little more cautious about what we were popping into our mouths. I couldn’t get enough of the food and the crowds though. There was SO MUCH of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.
We stumbled across a mushroom stall where a sweet young girl was handing out mushroom paste with bread. The minute I tasted it, I was catapulted to heaven. It was divine. Unfortunately we could have only one sample and I couldn’t sneak in another sample because I had with quite a lot of exuberance showed her the thumbs up. My friend decided to try it out and promised to give me a share of it. She went back on her deal. She ate it whole and watching it was torturous. My poor foodie soul.






We then decided to head to the Green Market which was housing food stalls from different nations and where we noticed, the general mass was headed. By this time my friends and I were a tad bit miserable because everywhere we looked we saw people munching on some sumptuous meal or the other and all we were doing was gawking and drooling. The food was a little expensive and we students…we have a BUDGET. A word I hate. Oh yes, I hate it quite a lot.

Green Market.

The spices assaulted my senses the minute I walked in and my eyes took in the dips and snacks on display. Out in the open, with a small drizzle kissing our skin, we started checking out the stalls. We tried tortillas with chipotle and almonds baked in chocolate. We then savoured hazelnut fudge and water with tomatoes and cherries in it which was slurpilicious! We sneakily took the shot glasses in which we tried the water. By then we couldn’t take it anymore and decided to finally purchase some delicious food. One of my friends and I decided to split a Frankfurt and headed to the German stall. All I can say is, DANKE GERMANS. You make very delicious Frankfurts. Even as I write this, saliva is pooling in my maw.




Toothless (Meenakshi) and Ms. Briganza (Nupur), two adorable humans whom I am lucky to call friends.







I shall finally reveal the mystery behind the multicoloured footprints. Borough Market is celebrating it’s 1000th year anniversary.  For the next 12 months, the footprints of every customer will be stamped on the roads twinning in and out of the market. The floors will be covered in eco friendly wash-away paint. The intention is to create thousands of interlacing footprints, creating a vast and rapidly evolving work of art – the weft and warp of the colourful tracks representing all the millions of feet that have passed through the Market over the centuries, as well as those that have yet to come. (credit – pamphlet provided by Trustees of Borough Market Southwark)
Toothless and I tried it twice, once in blue paint and the second time in pink while Huby tried the blue alone.


Before Footprinting. Nupur bailed though.






Before we left, I treated myself to Squid Ink Pasta. I forgot though that Squid Ink is actually quite bland and unlike Indians, Britishers are not big fans of salt and spices :P
I was in two minds – To throw or to give away. But then Ms. Briganza who had earlier cheated and not shared the mushroom paste with bread sample decided to fix it for me. The pasta then turned into something divine and delicious, like Clark Kent turning into Superman. Ms. Briganza/Nupur you’re forgiven.
I would recommend to anyone reading, to go visit Borough Market. Besides savouring delicacies, time is well spent simply walking around taking it all in.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and would love to go there again. Till then…


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